NOLA Footwork

NOLA Footwork Social Aid and Pleasure Club was incorporated in October 2016. The organization is comprised of officers and members. The club was formed to focus on the engagement in the community. Community outreach and social events in the DFW area are of precedence.

Being new residents of Dallas after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we embrace “The Second Line” tradition of New Orleans and now it’s an anticipated norm throughout the DFW. The second line’s style of traditional dance, is where participants glide with a debonair walk and sometimes a spirited twirl with a parasol or handkerchief in the air, is called “Second Lining”.

Our goal as NOLA Footwork SAPC, Inc. is to share the JAZZ Second Line Tradition of New Orleans with the DFW community.

Officers: Charlie Lamar, President. Thomas Lloyd, Vice President, Dionne Cryer, Treasurer, Dana Valetau, Secretary, Sandra Causey & Wanda Garner, Business Managers and Willie “Gumbo ”Owens, Sargent at Arms.

Members: Nicole Anderson, Glenn Anderson, Eddie Lewis, Alfred McQuirter, Jimmy Mitchell, Sharon Mitchell, Sharon Montana, Rodnesha New, Quvanda Seaton, Justina Sylvester, and Roger Veal.


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