Doug E. Fresh

New York-raised Doug E. Fresh, born Douglas Davis, got his initial notoriety for being the original human beat-box, inventing a method to imitate a drum machine using breath control through the teeth, lips, and gums. He had a string of hit singles with his then-partner Slick Rick in the early and mid-1980s, most notably on “The Show” and “La-Di-Da-Di” in 1985. 


Bryson Bernard, (born October 10, 1982) better known by his stage name Cupid is a R&B singer born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has released four albums, and is best known for the single “Cupid Shuffle”.

big daddie The DJ

From the moment he steps into the DJ booth with his bottled water in hand, guests take notice and prepare for the party to begin. The crowd pleaser repeatedly caters to fans and draws listeners to the dance floor. Once the beat drops, “big daddie THE DJ” enters a zone where the rhythm takes hold and fans instantly connect with his vivacious spirit.

Don Diego Jazz Artist

A contemporary jazz and fusion saxophonist, vocalist and keyboard player who’s issued one album on the Ultrax label in 1992. It mixes instrumental covers of recent and classic R&B hits with rap and vocals. Other releases include 1995’s Bridging Generations, 1997’s Feel Me and 1998’s This Must Be Heaven.

Flagboy Jermaine Devezin

Flagboy Jermaine Devizin hails out of New Orleans Louisiana and has been masking for decades. Flagboy Jermain brings a level of excitement and energy to an event that helps you share a very intimate part of the Mardi Gras culture of New Orleans. Flagboy Jermaine is deeply rooted in the Mardi Gras Indian culture and take pride in making sure the Indian culture of Mardi Gras is well represented. 

UNFADED Brass Band

The Unfaded Brass Band was founded by Jermaine Devezin; in March 2015. His sole purpose for uniting this group of musicians, was to infuse the DFW; mainly those affected by Hurricane Katrina with a taste of NOLA heritage. The band quickly realized that there was a need here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and took to the street, taking traditional jazz music and merging it with a sound of its own, attracting both home grown New Orleans as well as local residences here in the DFW.

DJ Dr Phreeze

From Omaha, NE, Hollywood, Dallas, to worldwide, Dr. Phreeze is becoming the single most renowned DJ in the history of music. The word “genius” has become one of the most overused and abused words in the English language. Far too often the word “genius” is used to describe the good, the well done and even the average.

DJ Frances Jaye

Frances Jaye, an eclectic, music loving deejay and a self-pro-fessed music connoisseur who really knows how to deliver the “IT” to her audience.  Her ability to give music lovers “the music that gets your head right” has garnered her the status as a local celebrity in Dallas, Texas and throughout the country.

NOLA Footwork

NOLA Footwork Social Aid and Pleasure Club was incorporated in October 2016. The organization is comprised of officers and members. The club was formed to focus on the engagement in the community. Community outreach and social events in the DFW area are of precedence. Being new residents of Dallas after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we embrace “The Second Line” tradition of New Orleans and now it’s an anticipated norm throughout the DFW. The second line’s style of traditional dance, is where participants glide with a debonair walk and sometimes a spirited twirl with a parasol or handkerchief in the air, is called “Second Lining”

Lady B & Something Special Dance Crew

Lady B has been swing dancing for over 9 years and teaching for 7 years. She has a deep joy and passion for what she does and displays that enjoyment in her hard work with a smile. She has taught & brought joy to this dance in places like Buttons of Addison, Real Time Sports Bar, Lancaster ISD, DFW Airport, Bellagio’s, Sasha, Truth Night Club, BrickHouse Arlington & Desoto and she teaches on 5&7 Day Cruises. Just to name a few. She has been Blessed to introduce this dance to celebrities like Evander Holyfield & Spindarella. This Blessing to Swing Dance has opened many doors along with hearts & Prayerfully much more to come!